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Portable double sided 24 pair boot dryer with Extended Boot Arms and Heel Clips

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Purchase information

Portable double sided 24 pair boot dryer with Extended Boot Arms and Heel Clips


  • An industry favorite
  • Helps remove odor and bacteria
  • Able to dry up to a 16 inch high boot
Series: Commercial MODEL: P24E
Description: Portable double sided 24 pair boot dryer with Extended Boot Arms/Heel Clips 
Dimensions (in): 27x32x82
Wt (lbs): 150
Volts: 110 (also available in 220V)
Amps: 10
Watts of Heat: 1250

  • Selector for ambient temperature air or warmed air drying
  • Portable
  • 3 way energy management switch & 24 hour wall timer
  • 7' grounded, 3 prong cord
  • Welded metal construction, powder coated for added durability
  • 5 year warranty
  • CSA safety certified
  • Every dryer built by Williams Direct Dryers in North America

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Yesterday I was speaking to 3 Underground Miners and Unsolicited they Spoke highly of the Dryer we currently have in operation. They claimed they had to go in a wet area to reset some pumps where the water was up to his waist and obviously there boots were absolutely soaking wet and full of water, On leaving at the end of shift they poured the water from their boots and sat them on the dryer( no heater on blowing ambient air only at say 5 degrees C) and went home until next shift approx 12 hours. On arriving for their shift the next day they were delighted that their boots were dry and were then keen to let me know how good it worked.

Eric Western, Senior Maintenance Planner
Newlands Underground Operations
October 2013