• The Best Way to Dry Your Gear
    Williams Direct Dryers gently circulate heat, or ambient air through your Boots and Gloves. Our process not only dries your important gear, but has been scientifically proven effective in the elimination of bacteria. For your health and the life of your equipment, get a Williams Direct Dryer.

  • Boot Dryers Built to Last
    Hand built, quality assured and electrically certified worldwide, boot and glove dryers by Williams® Direct Dryers® are in rugged use inside busy homes, hotels, equipment lockers, firehalls, oil platforms, army barracks and many other places. Our leading-edge engineering, design & technology will dependably serve your drying needs for a lifetime of use.

  • Designer Dryers
    Williams Direct Dryers are the only boot and glove dryer specifically engineered with minimalistic design that can be easily integrated into the style of your home.
    Quiet operation ensures that our dryers can be installed in your mudroom/family room/entranceway or anywhere in your home without disturbance.

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