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Electric Ski Boot & Glove Dryers

Electric Ski Boot & Glove Dryers

Electrically-certified boot and glove dryers for residential and commercial use

Few feelings compare to putting on a pair of warm, dry ski boots and heading out for an exciting day on the slopes. After a shredding day of long-distance skiing, your boots will be soaked in sweat. Without an effective ski boot dryer system, however, your footwear may not be as ready for the mountain as you are the next day. In fact, it oftentimes takes more than one night to completely dry ski boots after a day of wintertime fun. The solution: a ski boot dryer from Williams Direct Dryers.
Boot and glove dryers drying boots and gloves

No one wants to spend a full day skiing or snowboarding with damp or smelly boots. Moist, sweat-soaked ski and snowboarding boots are the perfect breeding place for bacteria and germs that cause that gym locker room smell. Deodorizers and boot inserts simply mask the smell without addressing the underlying cause of the odors. It is necessary to kill the bacteria that cause the smell to eliminate odors once and for all.

Many people are under the impression that they can simply use a hair dryer or fan to dry their ski and snowboard boots. It is important to note that the vast majority of hard-shell ski boots are made with thermo-setting glue, and using high-heat drying methods on these types of boots can cause them to delaminate. Trying a do-it-yourself boot drying method can lead to spot burning, heat deformation and cracking that can, and will, ruin your ski boots.

Moisture and bacteria are efficiently eliminated by using a ski boot dryer that utilizes both the optimization of air distribution and air temperature to dry your gear. Our ski boot dryer racks have both an ambient air setting and warmed air drying setting that heat air up 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit above room temperature. These electric boot dryers circulate warm or room temperature air to gently dry your footwear without causing damage to the boot.

When you purchase a ski boot dryer and warmer from Williams Direct Dryers, you can rest assured that you are investing in a quality product that will last you and your family for many ski and snowboard seasons to come. A few of the many features our premium products include are:

  • Five-year warranty on superstructure and two-year warranty on electrical
  • Three-way energy management system
  • 24-hour wall timer
  • All boot dryers are built in North America
  • CSA safety certified
  • Combination boot and glove dryers are available

If you are searching for a solution to the problem of your damp, smelly boots, purchase the best ski boot dryer on the market manufactured by Williams Direct Dryers. Contact us for more information or details about custom-designed boot dryers.

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