As a courtesy, we want to give our customers early notice of a pricing increase in the coming weeks due to inflationary pressures. If you have budgeted to purchase a Williams dryer at our current prices, we recommend placing your order promptly to lock in pricing. Please feel free to contact us directly If you have any questions about these changes and we at Williams Direct Dryers appreciate your continued business and support.

Snowboard Boot Dryers

Boot and glove dryers drying boots and gloves

Our boot and glove dryers give snowboarders the ultimate control over their gear

Whether you’re just starting out or have been conquering black diamond slopes for years, our snowboard boot dryers make it possible to enjoy more time doing what you love most. While it’s tempting to dump boots in the car or closet after a long day on the slopes, this can actually trap moisture in your gear. Over time, this moisture results in unpleasant odors and increased risk of bacterial and fungal infections. We have designed our gear dryers with a variety of configurations to efficiently dry boots, gloves, helmets, and more with the touch of a button. This makes it easy to protect your snowboarding gear and prolong the life of your favorite items.

Our 16-gauge steel electric dryers are powder coated with high heat for a durable finish that can’t be beat. Other benefits include:

  • Non-abrasive technology
  • You guessed it! Helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria
  • Protects delicate snowboarding gear
  • Industry-leading warranty, 5 years on superstructure, 2 years on electrical

Williams Direct Dryers® provides easy drying solutions to help you protect your snowboarding gear for the next day, the next tournament or even the next season. We offer free-standing, portable or wall-mounted options to fit any space. Simply choose the boot dryer that fits your needs and follow our simple instructions to complete your new boot and glove dryer installation.

Our snowboard boot dryers are built to hold your boots at an angle. This allows your gear to dry quickly and evenly. Our innovative design pushes air directly into the toe of each boot so every inch of your gear gets clean and dry. As air is pushed through your boots, moisture drips down and out of your shoe. Whatever is left simply evaporates. For a faster drying experience, remove the liner from its shell and place it on the dryer alone. This will help your boots dry completely without any moisture trapped between layers of fabric. With our warmed air setting, you can even use our dryers as a snowboarding boot and glove warmer for a more comfortable time out on the slopes.

Don’t wait to get dry gear. Williams Direct Dryers® makes it easy to be comfortable on the slopes with fresh, clean boots and gloves every time you put them on. Contact us today to build a custom order or get a ready-made dryer shipped directly to you before your next snowboarding adventure!

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