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SCUBA Wetsuit Dryers

Fast, gentle dryers to protect SCUBA diving gear

Say goodbye to cold, soggy wetsuits with Williams Direct Dryers on your side. We offer a full range of dryers to restore your SCUBA and diving gear back to its original state – without long wait times. Our dryers operate quietly so they can be placed inside the home, in a garage, or even in a surf shop. Each dryer is available in a variety of sizes, which means it is easy to find a dryer that fits comfortably into your space.
Wetsuit Dryer

Our wetsuit dryers are part of an innovative system that is powerful enough to dry SCUBA gear and wetsuits in just a short time, but gentle enough to protect your equipment. In fact, our dryers are trusted to prepare delicate hazmat suits and turnout gear for use. Drying wetsuits in direct sunlight is extremely harsh and can actually cut the lifespan of your equipment in half. Our dryers offer gentle, 360-degree airflow for undeniable results. When used according to instructions, our dryers can even extend the lifespan of your wetsuit so you get more for your investment. These are great for anyone who wants to enjoy the water morning, noon and night without compromising the safety of their gear.

Our dryers are fully customizable and come in a variety of colors so you can choose the option that is best for your space. Browse today to discover your perfect fit!

"Just to let you know, the bootdryer arrived very promptly and my son put it together with no difficulties. We installed it on the wall in our mud room and it looks great and is working even better."

J.T. Westmount, QC