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Proudly Handcrafted Boot & Glove Dryers in North America

At Williams Direct Dryers, we help people dependably meet their drying needs with our handbuilt boot and glove dryers. Our dryers can be used for both residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
Our boot dryers are proven to help eliminate odor and disease-causing bacteria. As a result, they provide you, your loved ones, your employees, or your customers with the luxury of donning dry, clean gear that is conveniently organized and more readily available for use.

Homes & Chalets

We build beautiful industry grade boot, and glove dryers for homes, chalets, ski cabins and many other residential applications

Homes & Chalets

Resorts, Hotels & Large Luxury Homes

Our commercial boot and glove dryers are the perfect solution for ski resorts, hotels and large luxury homes

Homes & Chalets
Product Image 1
Model: W8/8
Type: Wall Mounted
Boot Capacity: 16
Glove Capacity: 16
Product Image 2
Model: W4/4
Type: Wall Mounted
Boot Capacity: 8
Glove Capacity: 8
Product Image 3
Model: W12/12
Type: Wall Mounted
Boot Capacity: 24
Glove Capacity: 24
Product Image 4
Model: P60
Type: Portable
Boot Capacity 120
Glove Capacity: None

5 Year Warranty

5 years on superstructure, 2 years on electrical. Williams Direct Dryers designs dryers to operate in the harshest industrial environments in the world.

We Ship Globally

We have specialized shipping rates for worldwide sales.


Our dryers are electrically tested and certified by CSA for North America, C-Tick* for Australia/New Zealand and CE certified for Europe


Since 1989, Williams Direct Dryers has designed, manufactured, and sold specialty dryers, including boot and glove dryers. Our Direct Drying process allows our durable appliances to dry apparel that cannot be placed in a standard, tumble style dryer. Our minimalistic design elements help dry and sanitize ski boots & gloves, sports apparel, fire service turnouts, food processing wear, and so much more! To help meet nearly all drying needs worldwide, we supply our dependable dryers to homes, businesses, industrial facilities, and governments across the globe.

Latest News and Information

Boot & Glove Dryers for Homes, Ski Resorts, Ski Chalets, & More

Helping Meet Your Drying Needs In Colder Climates 

At Williams Direct Dryers, we provide several time-tested boot and glove drying options for various types of properties. This includes high-end homes, ski resorts, ski chalets, and other types of snowy residences and destinations. 

Our boot and glove dryers deliver efficient and direct warmth to help ensure your boots, gloves, other forms of winter gear, and even Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are dry and ready for use. This not only helps eliminate the formation of potentially harmful bacteria, which can cause odors and illness, but it also helps reduce downtime between cleanings of essential gear.


Owning a home in a colder climate can provide greater access to winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice fishing, and more! Yet, activities like these can require an abundance of winter gear, especially if you have a larger family. Thankfully, you can help keep your family safer and more comfortable with our quiet and efficient boot and glove dryers!

If you prefer to shred the slopes on a snowboard, we have the perfect boot dryer for you—check out our snowboard boot and gear dryers.

Ski Resorts & Chalets

Ski resorts and chalets are often special members of snowy communities. They entice people to enjoy the cold – rather than hide from it! Yet extensive collections of wet snow gear, including boots and gloves, can create some unpleasant odors. By utilizing our dependable warming dryers, you can help eliminate bacteria lurking in snow gear, which cuts down on undesirable odors and helps ensure that boots, gloves, and more are ready when needed!  

Having clean and dry boots, gloves, and other gear readily available at your home or ski resort provides wearers with enhanced comfort along with a lower likelihood of developing illnesses or conditions related to cold, wet feet or exposure to bacteria in their boots, gloves, or other gear. 

Commercial & Industrial Gear Dryers

Indoor boot dryer drying equipment

Durable Dryers for Demanding Industries


snowboard rack next to a boot dryer
boot and helment dryer being used

Food Processing & Production

Mining, Gas & Oil

indoor boot and glove dryer
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