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Proudly Hand Crafted in North America

At Williams Direct Dryers, we help people dependably meet their drying needs for a lifetime of use. Our dryers are proven to help eliminate odor and disease causing bacteria. The luxury of donning dry, clean gear, conveniently organized for your use, is unparalleled.

5 Year Warranty

Since our inception, Williams Direct Dryers has designed dryers to operate in the harshest industrial environments in the world.

We Ship Globally

We have specialized shipping rates for worldwide sales.


Our dryers are electrically tested and certified by CSA for North America, C-Tick* for Australia/New Zealand and CE certified for Europe


Since 1989 Williams Direct Dryers has designed, manufactured and sold specialty dryers. Our Direct Drying allows us to dry apparel that can’t be placed in a tumble style dryer. Minimalistic design elements help dry and sanitize ski boots & gloves, sports apparel, fire service turnouts, food processing wear, and more. We supply dryers to homes, businesses, and governments across the globe.

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