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  • The Best Way to Dry Your Gear
    Williams Direct Dryers gently circulate heat, or ambient air through your Boots and Gloves. Our process not only dries your important gear, but has been scientifically proven effective in the elimination of bacteria. For your health and the life of your equipment, get a Williams Direct Dryer.

  • Boot Dryers Built to Last
    Hand built, quality assured and electrically certified worldwide, boot and glove dryers by Williams® Direct Dryers® are in rugged use inside busy homes, hotels, equipment lockers, firehalls, oil platforms, army barracks and many other places. Our leading-edge engineering, design & technology will dependably serve your drying needs for a lifetime of use.

  • Designer Dryers
    Williams Direct Dryers are the only boot and glove dryer specifically engineered with minimalistic design that can be easily integrated into the style of your home.
    Quiet operation ensures that our dryers can be installed in your mudroom/family room/entranceway or anywhere in your home without disturbance.

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Our Boot Dryers can accommodate anywhere from four to 60 pairs of boots, and with our custom machines the possibilities are endless. Learn more about our products.

5 Reasons to Choose Us
Decades of experience, tried-and-true technology, reliable craftsmanship - and that's just the beginning. Let us show you why our boot and glove dryer products are up to the challenge.

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Ready for a new level of apparel comfort and cleanliness in your home or business? Talk to one of our Direct Drying® experts now.

Commercial & Residential Boot Dryers

Electric boot dryers durable enough for ski boots, work shoes and more.

Williams Direct Dryers® is one of the most trusted brands on the market today for high-quality electric boot and glove dryers. We offer both portable and wall-mounted boot dryers for home or commercial use. All of our products use our unique Direct Drying® technology to individually and thoroughly dry each and every piece of apparel. A clinical trial proved that Direct Drying® is instrumental in eliminating odor-causing bacteria. Our calibrated air temperature, pressure and circulation patterns, combined with quality assurance, create an effective and dependable drying solution you can count on year-round.

No matter the season, a Williams Direct Dryer® is always ready to go. All of our dryers are individually manufactured and tested, ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability to our customers. With more than 30 different Direct Dryers® in addition to custom configurations, there is a system to fit everyone’s needs.

Wall Street Article Our dryers are built to last, which is why they are trusted in a wide variety of industries. Some of our most popular contracts include:

  • Hospitality
  • Food processing
  • Food manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Fire service
  • Ski and Snow
  • Residential

There is no wrong way to use a Williams Direct Dryer®. Our durable units can accommodate various combinations of boots, gloves, helmets, and apparel. We are trusted by countless organizations to deliver reliable, high-quality dryers. We have even provided services for NASA as well as the Canadian and U.S. militaries. There are no limits to what Williams Direct Dryers® can do for you.

Boot Dryers Glove Dryers

Our boot dryers feature a unique L-shaped design that pushes air where it is needed most: the toe of your shoe. Air is then forced back out along the upper part of your boot or work shoe for an even, dry result. Fast-drying footwear helps apparel last longer and reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

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For gloves and mittens, our electric dryers have straight prongs that will help dry the fingers quickly. This is particularly important for athletes and anyone who uses personal protective equipment as part of their career. Our glove dryers will help you maintain your equipment and stay healthy in the process.

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Ski Boot Dryers Commercial Boot Dryers

Snow is simultaneously a skier’s best friend and worst enemy, especially when it takes hours for gear to dry between sessions on the slopes. We have installed countless boot and glove dryers for ski lodges, ski resorts and even residential homes that lie in the foothills of ski destinations. Skiers can come inside after a morning on the slopes, hang up their gear, and return to find everything clean and dry just a short time later. This means everyone can enjoy more time on the slopes and a better experience overall.

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A variety of industries rely on boot and glove dryers to keep their equipment clean, dry and hygienic for workers each day. We have serviced a wide variety of industries, including food processing and manufacturing, mining, fire, and even government.

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Don’t wait to start protecting your apparel. Upgrade your home, business or vacation location with a dryer built just for you. Contact Williams Direct Dryers® and speak with a representative to get custom boot and glove dryers for your home or business today.

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