Why Boot Dryers Work

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After decades of prototypes, testing and innovation, Williams® Direct Dryers offers the most comprehensive system for getting boots and gloves dry – effectively. Focusing on the optimization of air distribution and air temperature, Williams® Direct Dryers Energy Management System streams either ambient air or air warmed to 10º - 15ºF above room temperature.

  • Warmed air holds more water vapor, meaning a faster drying turnaround time
  • Even in cool conditions, Williams® Direct Dryers can effectively dry garments with the use of warm air and efficient circulation
  • Drying studies show that even after a garment feels dry, there can still be measurable moisture contained within. Water molecules are hydro tropically attached to the microscopic fabric fibres, which requires warmth to break the attraction and complete the drying process.
  • Organisms including fungus and bacteria thrive in moist and dark environments. The use of streamed warm air and continuous drying helps eliminate this pathogen friendly environment. The noticeable benefit is a distinct decrease in obnoxious odors.
  • Our Energy Managed precise temperatures mean that boots and gloves are completely dried without any spot burning, heat deformation, or cracking


Williams Direct Dryers helped prevent bacteria and infections at Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron over a 13 month period.
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