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Wall-mounted boot and glove dryers built on integrity

When Williams Direct Dryers began in 1989, we just wanted to create a practical solution for a common problem. We are native Canadians, which means we love the great outdoors. Rain or shine, we want to be outside soaking it all in. If only that were a figurative statement! Somewhere between the sweltering summers and winter snowdrifts, we discovered the need for a product that would remove moisture from clothing. We wanted to give people the freedom to enjoy nature as much as we do. That’s how Williams Direct Dryers created its first boot and glove dryer: a wall-mounted electric dryer that made it easy to dry your clothes in just a short time.

The practical function of our boot dryers was astounding, but the benefits didn’t stop there. Our boot and glove dryers were tested on flight helmets at the Akron Children’s Hospital over a period of 13 months. Williams Direct Dryers were found to reduce fungus and illness-causing bacteria by 99.95 percent! That’s when we knew these dryers could do real good in the world. Our dryers contribute to healthy, happy homes free from preventable illness – and that is a message worth sharing.

Today, Williams Direct Dryers service an ever-growing number of customers yearly. We are proud to deliver high-quality boot and glove drying solutions for homeowners, professional sports teams, fire stations, five-star resorts, NASA, the Canadian and U.S. militaries, and more! All of our dryers come with an industry-leading warranty so our customers know that we stand behind our products. Not that it’s needed: after all, the first series of dryers we ever manufactured is still in use today. That’s quality. That’s Williams Direct Dryers. That’s the legacy we want to pass on to you.

Don’t wait to partner with the leading name in residential and commercial boot dryers. Contact our team to order your dryer today!

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Since 1989, we have been producing top of the line dryers to keep boots dry and our customers safe and happy. Back then, very few people understood the importance and necessity of having dry boots for recreational or commercial use.
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