5 Reasons To Choose Williams Direct Dryers

Boot and glove dryers designed to perform to perfection.

Our dryers never stop working for you.

Since 1989, Williams® Direct Dryers can assure you that your dryer can be made to last a lifetime. In fact, the very first Direct Dryer sold is still operating in a ski rental facility. Our products are built to last – they are an investment in long term comfort and cleanliness of personal or commercial boots and gloves. We do more than boots and gloves especially in our PPEDryers.com line. Williams Direct Dryers manufactures turnout gear dryers, pant dryers, facepiece dryers, dryers for just about anything you wear that can’t be or don’t want in a tumble style dryer

Quality materials, quality machines.

Each Williams® Direct Dryers product is hand built using North American sourced components to ensure quality and a machine that is ready for action every time. Constructed with hand welded 16 gauge steel that is powder coated for sustained durability and using industry-leading technology, Williams® Direct Dryers deliver results and assurance. We even manufacture in stainless where needed.

Designed to perform.

Starting the drying process at the root of moisture and the toughest area to dry - the toe - and moving backwards, the design of Williams® Direct Dryers takes the most difficult, but most effective, route to completely dry boots, gloves and other garments. This design ensures completely dry apparel - every time.


Powerful and energy efficient.

Using an Energy Management Systems, Williams® Direct Dryers can dramatically reduce energy consumption during operation. This green initiative reduces the dryer’s carbon foot print and saves you or your business money.

Safety and reliability guaranteed.

Every Williams® Direct Dryer is assembled by hand and built to sustain a long operating life. Engineered to last for decades while offering the same standard of performance, our dryers will give you years of worry free operation. Williams® Direct Dryers technology is scientifically proven effective in helping eliminate bacteria. Read more in our case study.


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Why should you choose us?

When it comes to Direct Drying solutions, we offer top of the line, tried and true products. Combining design, technology, energy efficiency, safety and durability, we are proud to market a product line that ranges from residential to large commercial operations. We know that our customers value long-lasting, effective and aesthetically pleasing machines, and that is exactly what we offer. No matter what type of project you’re looking for, Williams® Direct Dryers has the perfect solution for you.
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