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Customer service and feedback is incredibly important to us. Here are some of things our clients have to say about working with our company.
I realize you've been dealing with my counterparts on the Park Side, but I wanted to be sure and let you know how happy we are with your product. We are using 2 of the 30 pair wall mount units and, and they work great! Our Mary Jane Lift Ops have never had happier feet! Your dryers are the highlight of our locker room remodel.:) Thank you. Happy Holidays!
Julie, Winter Park, CO
Just to let you know, the bootdryer arrived very promptly and my son put it together with no difficulties. We installed it on the wall in our mud room and it looks great and is working even better.
J.T, Westmount, QC
Hi. I ordered the A4 boot dryer from you in October 2001 and just want to say what a great product it has been. It is used almost everyday on running shoes, cross country ski boots, and whenever any of our shoes get wet.
B.B, St. Louis Park, MN
Boot Dryer in a residential setting drying ski boots and glovesWe use the dryer at our Vail Colorado home. It is installed in a changing room in converted from the garage. We rent this house when we are not using it, and many guests commented on how much they enjoyed having the convenience of this boot/glove dryer. We use this feature as one of the key selling points in advertising of our home.
Dryer has been working every season, all season, for the past 4 years. Still looks brand new, and functions flawlessly.
Thanks for a great product
Alex Rockwell
Sept 2013
Boot Dryer in a residential setting drying ski boots and glovesDes, well made product, we have 6 units installed and working great,well received by users, we mounted in foyer of dorms within security camera range. We will be requiring three more units when camp ramps up. I will take a picture and forward.
Mark Winter, ESS Vale Maintenance Manager
ESS Support Services Worldwide
Long Harbour,NL
May, 2011
Thank you for your great customer service and great product. I will be bragging about your dryers to everyone in Whistler.
Chuck, Whistler, BC
I bought two dryers from you and I'm so pleased with them I need another one. I'd like to order a W12 model.
M.P, Park City, UT

Hello, I received everything, assembled, and can I say they are Beautiful. Very, very high quality.

Thanks, again !!


We have a Williams Direct boot and glove dryer, which is very effective and very efficient. We use it for most of the year – when we're not skiing, we use it for fishing, kayaking and canyoning boots, jackets, gloves...

Thanks, again !!

John Reynolds, Craighall Castle, Scotland
October 2013

Yesterday I was speaking to 3 Underground Miners and Unsolicited they Spoke highly of the Dryer we currently have in operation. They claimed they had to go in a wet area to reset some pumps where the water was up to his waist and obviously there boots were absolutely soaking wet and full of water, On leaving at the end of shift they poured the water from their boots and sat them on the dryer( no heater on blowing ambient air only at say 5 degrees C) and went home until next shift approx 12 hours. On arriving for their shift the next day they were delighted that their boots were dry and were then keen to let me know how good it worked.

Just thought you may like this story.

This sort of performance will allow us to restrict the number of boots being issued to an employee to no more than 2 as he will be able to wear one and dry one rather than just throw away the wet ones. At up to $360 a time you can see that I will be able to pay for these dryers in under a year!

I will Submit this little story to my contacts within Xstrata along with you contact details if this is ok with you ?


Eric Western, Senior Maintenance Planner
Newlands Underground Operations
October 2013
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