Frequently Asked Questions

why do your machines use warmed air?Up arrow


Warm air hold more water vapor than cold. Rate of drying is enhanced. Machines can operate in cooler conditions and still maintain performance.

When a fabric feels dry to the touch in fact water molecules may still be hydrostatically bonded to the microscopic fibers. Average room temperature air does not provide enough energy to effectively break this bond between water and fiber within a reasonable length of time.

what causes that "locker room" smell?Up arrow

a: Microbes thrive in warm, dark and damp conditions. Footwear provides an ideal environment for the growth of fungi and other bacteria on the skin. Human odor is caused by naturally produced pheromones. The obnoxious odor associated with locker rooms is caused by an excess accumulation of microbes. Keeping footwear dry will limit this condition.

why do my feet get cold when they are wet?Up arrow


As the moisture content in a boot increases, the ability to transfer moisture from the foot to the outside layers of the sock decrease. Consequently, at skin level the balance of humidity and heat is disrupted. Material in contact with the skin will cool and your feet will feel "clammy".

if warm is good, wouldn't hot air be better?Up arrow

a: Hard shell ski boots are manufactured using thermoset glues. Too much heat can delaminate the boot. Leather and other footwear materials can be damaged by heat. When you put your foot into a hot boot, it will immediately begin to sweat(see Why are my feet cold?). Hot air dryers usually require specialty 220V service wiring.

how loud are the machines?Up arrow

a: The machines operate in the mid 50's dB. For reference:
Clothes washer.............. 65-70dB
Dishwasher................. 63-66dB
Normal conversation... 55-65dB
Microwave.................. 55-59dB
Background Music...... 50dB
Quiet Room................. 30dB
Grand Canyon(night).. 10dB

can I get specialty colors?Up arrow

Our standard color is white for a number of reasons: white is the most durable of the powder coatings and is easy to touch up, white does not show "finger" marks as badly as the other colors and white is an easy color to decorate around. Remember when the machine is loaded not much of the color is showing.
There is a charge for changing colors as we have to build these machines outside our production schedule. We recommend the color Matte (flat) black for a number of reasons: Matte black paint runs occur weekly whereas other colors are only run when sufficient quantities are present. In the worst case this can take upto 1 month. Matte black is the next easiest color to decorate with and Matte black can be easily touched up with "off the shelf" spray paint. Matte black also has reasonably good "finger" mark resistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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