Why our Boot Dyers are a Ski Resort’s Best Kept Secret

Here’s Why Ski Resorts Love Williams Direct Dryers

Summer is winding down and with the weather about to change ski season is fast approaching. Slowly the air is getting crisper, and when powder meets mountain it will definitely be ski season. Those who have spent even a minimal amount of time skiing know that sweaty and smelly ski boots are an issue for most if not all skiers. Luckily there is now a solution. We are proud to offer a way to ensure your ski boots will be odor free and dry this ski season.

The top ski resorts have a secret that they use in their ski rental shops to fight wetness and odor in ski boots, and it is an innovative drying system from Williams Direct Dryers. After boots are used, they are loaded onto the WDD boot dryer, which can house up to 60 pairs of boots. Each boot has its own drying arm, which allows specific drying in hard-to-reach places. Keeping ski boots dry in between use reduces the occurrence of odor causing bacteria, lessening the chance of bacterial or fungal infections. In addition to offering this very important health benefit, reducing bacteria in apparel also helps to eliminate hideous smells.

Williams Direct Dryers offers a full line of ski boot dryers as well as ski glove + ski boot combinations. Ever wanted to dry your ski gloves the most efficient way possible? Now you can dry your boots and gloves simultaneously.

WDD is also proud to offer the following ski boot dryers from their residential series. Our most popular dryers for residential use are:

Please visit our site to see our entire collection https://www.bootdryer.com/collections/ski-snow

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