Top 5 Reasons Why Williams Direct Dryers is: The Best Boot Dryer Company

Top 5 Reasons to Love Williams Direct Dryers

1. We're the foremost drying specialists in the industry. Call us anywhere from North America, toll-free!
Questions about direct drying? Unsure as to which Williams Drying System best suits your needs? Talk to us directly. We'll make sure your work boots and apparel, your turnout gear, hockey gear or ski boots keep dry. Simply call our toll-free number 1-866-534-4696, Monday to Friday. With just a phone call away, we're here to help with your drying concerns. Having been in the business for over 30 years, we know how to dry with confidence.

2. Our dryers are hand-built. Plus, we're proudly Canadian.
Williams Direct Dryers is located in Langley, BC. where our drying systems are hand built in-house. This ensures quality control with WDD's guaranteed seal of approval on each product we build. We have been designing, manufacturing and selling specialized dryers for over 25 years. Williams Direct Dryers are engineered to provide safe and efficient drying.

3. We pride ourselves with safety first.
WDD Dryers are certified safe by CSA/UL & are NFPA friendly. You can be rest assured, our products go beyond safety guidelines. Go ahead and dry with confidence. Dry safely and efficiently.

4. We use Direct Drying Technology™
Direct Drying Technology™ balances the need for warmth without the prospect of over heating fabric as it is designed to deliver warmed air at 10-15F/6-8C above room temperature. It will efficiently dry all types of natural and synthetic fabrics and increasing the lifespan of your gear. Individuals will feel an increased comfort. In addition, offensive odors are eliminated with the ongoing use of Williams Direct Drying systems.

5. We can dry just about anything. You name it!
With over 30 dryers to choose from, we'll identify the right boot dryer or apparel dryer- either for your business or for residential use. Our dryers are prominently used in the following industries: Mining / Oil & Gas, Ski & Snow, Hospitality, Food Processing & Manufacturing, Sports Industry, In-Locker dryers, Military, Fire & Rescue Services.

There are many factors to take into consideration when purchasing a boot dryer. At times, the selection can be confusing. At Williams Direct Dryers, we can help guide you through the process. Remember... We're just a phone call away.

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