Williams Direct Dryers Featured on HGTV.ca

Screenshot of HGTV article highlighting Boot Dryers as Cold-weather luxury worth every penny


HGTV.ca (the ultimate online source guide for all things related to the home) featured Williams Direct Dryers as part of their exclusive list, "13 Cold-Weather Luxuries Worth Every Penny." Thanks HGTV.ca for recognizing WDD as a staple for every chalet and mudroom across North America!

Featured on HGTV.ca was our popular residential model:  W8/8.
The W8/8 is an efficient combo dryer which can house up to 8 pairs of boots and up to 8 pairs of gloves all at one time. Families requested a direct drying system to dry boots and gloves simultaneously - Just like the ones they saw at ski resorts. The W8/8 was born, a scaled back version of its industrial sized cousins. Built specifically for the active family in mind, the W8/8 has become widely popular in ski cabins, country cottages and in residential use.

 Over the years, our W8/8 drying system has become a sought after amenity when designing entryways and mudrooms. WDD have gone remarkably in favor of design consultants. We've been considered as the 'must-have' item for families alike. Here's why:

Dry All Sports Gear
Not only can you dry your ski boots, you can dry athletic equipment ranging from hockey skates to boxing gloves.

Drying System for All Seasons
Whether you're hiking the trails or on the ski slopes, Williams Direct Dryers can take care of your drying needs. Moisture by sweat or environmental factors contributes to fungus and smelly garments. Maintain a healthy active lifestyle by keeping your gear dry.

Intelligently Organizes Your Space
Reduce the clutter in high traffic areas such as your entryway and mudroom by maximizing space. Our W8/8 allows up to 8 pairs of boots and 8 pairs of gloves. Here's another way to impress guests too.

Saves Your Time
Imagine drying all your ski boots and footwear at once. Well, we've built the drying system to do so. Hand drying is a time waster and is ineffective. Use your time more productively instead of being a slave to hand held drying.

Add Comfort To Your Life
Why would you want to submit yourself to wet gloves/boots? Let the W8/8 work for you. Dry feet are happy feet. With our built-in energy management switch, you can select either warmed air or ambient air drying. The choice is yours.

Quality Built to Last
Our dryers are built by the same hands that build our Military Dryers line - a division that demands rigorous usage in highly active areas. We ensure quality control across all our dryers whether it be for commercial or residential use. Every dryer that gets shipped out of our warehouse is equally strong to withstand heavy use in any environment and anywhere globally.

We don't think of ourselves as a luxury brand. We're the brand with practical solutions. For the past 25 years, we've proven ourselves to be the direct drying professionals.  WDD dryers are staples at renown ski resorts world wide. WDD dryers have made a mark globally. Effective ski boot drying is not only demanded by ski resorts, families have demanded it too. Over the years, we've adapted to the needs of the active family as recognized in our residential line. We've extended our WDD line even further, for families on the go with SportsDryers™. A transportable WWD dryer you can take along to for the weekend ski trip or kid's hockey game. We can dry just about anything - You name it!

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