Tumble Drying vs Direct Drying™: The Advantage of WDD DirectDrying™

Non-Tumble Drying Versus Tumble Drying

The most asked question about drying is: What is the difference between Direct Drying™ and Tumble Drying? The common misconception is that they all seem to do the same job in the end. They are not, please let me explain.

Tumble dryers causes irreversible damage to your sporting gear by way of the following:
a) The tumble dryer's rotating drum causes agitation amongst items, which leads to unnecessary abuse to your apparel or sporting equipment. Sports equipment is costly and already is abused on the field. Excessive rubbing of items against one another can lead to fraying of materials and may cause stitches to unravel. By use of a tumble dryer, the overall structure of your gear will wear down quicker than by normal day-to-day use. Eventually, your items become unusable within a short period of time. Expensive hockey equipment and such will be damaged by the way of tumble drying.
Solution: Direct Drying™ allows you to dry your sports equipment responsibly and dry just about anything without damage. Items are placed on individual dryer arms, which lends to having your gear placed separately from one another in a well-organized fashion. As a bonus, our dryers are designed to hold all types of work gear and sporting gear, including helmets, boots and gloves simultaneously. No need to worry whether friction amongst garments will occur and cause harmful damage. Your gear is safe to dry with us.

b) Household tumble dryers can cause heat damage to your gear.
A consistent volume of airflow is required in drying all kinds of sporting equipment and gear. The tumble drying method forces garments to, 'tumble' around in a chamber rotator. The idea is that this creates air space, which flows between items and therefore enables drying. In actuality, this method is ineffective for gear because the distance between the heating mechanism and items are ever changing. The temperature stated on the dial isn't the true signification of heat exposed to the garment. Heat exposure will actually be varied during the tumbling process, as items are continually, 'jumping around' inside the chamber. Some parts of the garment will be dry and heat damaged, while other parts will still be wet. Over a period of time, your gear's material (synthetic & natural) will breakdown due to inconsistent temperatures. Solution: Our dryers provide damage-free drying. WDD dryers offer the options of either a regulated temperature flow or ambient airflow. This is a proven and effective drying method that will maintain the condition of your gear. Stable air flow and consistent temperature will yield the results you need in a shorter period of time compared to tumble drying.

Tumble drying cannot dry those hard-to-reach places that you need to dry the most.
Regular household dryers are only limited to drying the outer shell of gear and not the inside or hidden parts.
Solution: WDD can dry just about anything. Just name it! Our company came about 25 years ago due to the much needed demand of drying ski boots (in large scales) at Mount Seymour, Vancouver BC's local ski mountain. Since then, we've become the drying experts when it comes to all kinds of boots. Our dryers are designed with specialized arms that are precision angled, allowing drying of the toe box of all kinds of footwear. You can dry with full confidence, as our drying systems will help you dry those inaccessible areas. Tumble dryers lack the function to dry specific areas as needed.

Direct Drying™ is extremely energy efficient.
WDD helps combat those wet areas in need of drying with our Energy Management Switch. The Williams Direct Drying™ technology offers the option to select between warmed or ambient air options at 10-15F/6-8C above room temperature. Which makes possible to help dry equipment completely, safely and efficiently. The ambient air function dramatically reduce energy consumption which effectively reduces your carbon footprint.

Tumble dryers are damaged when it comes to dirty gear.
Tumble dryers require items to be pre-cleaned (visible dirt and grime must be removed) before placing inside rotator area. If chosen not to, dirt and grime will soil the inside of the dryer and therefore contaminate the dryer itself. Once grease or even the likes of chewing gum resides in a tumble dryer this will ruin the interior of machine and ruin all future items placed in the machine. Grease and gum are the most difficult to remove from tumble dryers and all materials.
Direct Drying™ option: Sometimes you just need to dry an item (i.e. work boots) to prevent mold, fungus or bacteria build-up when you're in between hockey practice and work. Wet environments are subjected to host unhealthy environments composed of bacteria, fungus and/ or molds. Should the drying arms get mistakenly soiled, a simple wipe down is all that is needed. WDD dryers are all powder coated which gives the user latitude when there isn't time to clean the outside of your work boots from mud; but, at the same time need to go ahead and dry the inside of your work boot dry to prevent bacteria build-up helping to prevent foot infections.

WDD Dryers offers bonus features such as keeping your sports equipment organized. Choose your sport, we have the dryer to dry your sport essentials. Keep your soccer cleats, hockey skates, gloves, and ski boots, well organized in your mudroom, entryway or team's locker- room. Your items are paired up neatly and well organized. Our dryers can hold multiple pairs of footwear at any given time. Another bonus, with regular DirectDrying™ your items become odor-free and bacteria free. No more lingering locker-room smell! We believe that Direct Drying™ is the best method to dry your sporting and work gear. It is time efficient, and will dry those hard-to-reach places quickly than a regular household dryer without leaving a damaging affect. Rest assured, you can dry with safety in mind, as all Williams Direct Drying™ systems are NFPA compliant, CSA certified. The overall Williams Direct Drying™ effect is impressive.
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