The Benefits of Electric Dryers in the Winter

Electric dryers

Why We Recommend Using Electric Dryers in the Winter

As temperatures around the nation typically start to drop during the winter months, countless families will take advantage of the colder climate to enjoy time together in their newly snow-covered surroundings. Whether it's a day trip up into the mountains for skiing and/or snowboarding merriment, an impromptu hockey game or a snowball fight, there's nothing quite like wrapping up warm in your big coat, long scarf and comfy boots before the fun begins.

However, a downside of playing in a winter wonderland is the matter of soaking wet clothes and footwear afterward. Damp socks and sneakers can spell disaster if you or a family member comes down with a cold. Thankfully, in commercial and industrial locations such as ski lodges and changing rooms, electric air dryers are usually available to reduce the possibility of painful skin rashes by combating harmful fungus and bacteria.

Electric boot, clothes, glove and shoe dryers help to minimize the bacteria that thrive on moist or soaked-through clothing and footwear. Even in the chilliest of environments, your feet will naturally perspire, and the associated bacteria resulting from this sweat can cause skin irritations that leave the area tender and sore. There are many types of bacteria and fungus found in sports gear that can lead to spots, boils and other excruciating and long-lasting skin infections, such as Staphylococcus Aureus. Furthermore, mold and perspiration can create exceedingly unpleasant smells and cause your gear to deteriorate over time if it is not immediately cleaned.

At Williams Direct Dryers, we specialize in many types of state-of-the-art electric dryers, from portable dryers for mud rooms in homes to wall mounted dryers that are used by professional sports teams and the United States and Canadian military. Our dryers can also be found in hospitals, fire departments, hospitality event venues, industrial manufacturing and processing facilities, and many other business locations. Most commercial dryers generally use only warm air to dry boots and clothing, since air that is too hot can end up ruining the material.

Please contact us online or call one of our knowledgeable Williams Direct Dryers representatives at 866-534-4696 today if you would like information about any of our electric dryers or air dryers. We have been in business since 1989.

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