The Best Boot Dryers for 2022

Boot dryers from Williams Direct Dryers, are among the best on the market for 2022. Not all boot and other gear dryers are made the same, and few compare to the quality we instill while crafting our own. With one of our durable, energy-efficient boot dryers, you can make your boot cleaning process easier and safer. Whether you are an avid skier with a second home in the mountains or a commercial business owner, you can benefit from owning and operating one of our several boot dryers, which rank among the best for 2022.   

Why Boot Dryers Are Essential Equipment 

For colder climates as well as industries like food processing and production, mining, and oil and gas, having clean, comfortable boots is a must. However, for many, wearing boots every day entails wearing damp or wet boots. Fortunately, with boot dryers, this can be avoided! 

Damp or wet boots are not only uncomfortable to wear and work in, but they are also potentially dangerous. Wet boots can often be a breeding ground for various kinds of microbes, including potentially harmful bacteria. Drying them with gently warmed air from a high-quality boot dryer can help eliminate bacteria and make boots far more comfortable to wear. 

Who Can Benefit From Using Quality Boot Dryers?

There is hardly any limit to those who can benefit from boot dryers. Having clean, dry boots, gloves, and other gear is essential and, in many ways, feels priceless, especially in cold, snowy weather. 

boot and helment dryer being used

At Williams Direct Dryers, we provide dependable boot dryers for both residential, commercial, and industrial applications. As a result, there are several spaces and people that can benefit from using one of our direct dryers, including: 

The Best Boot Dryers for 2022 and Why

For Residences:


The A4 is a wall-mounted ambient air boot dryer from Williams Direct Dryers. It features a minimalist design that is ideal for in locker use. Its use truly shines in multiple in-locker installations at resorts or employee change rooms. More than this, for the homeowner, it is a terrific, cost-effective solution for heated mudrooms. Click here for more information! 

W6 & W6/6

The W6 and W6/6 direct dryers from Williams Direct Dryers offer ambient temperature or – with the flip of a switch – warming heat for up to six pairs of boots at a time. However, the larger W6/6 model also provides additional space to dry up to six pairs of gloves. Both dryers are wall-mounted and ideal for residential applications. Yet, the W6/6 was specifically designed for height restricted areas and is available in a white or black powder coated finish. For more information, check out the W6 and W6/6 on their respective pages.


Our most popular residential dryer is the W8/8. It is another minimalist, mission specific direct dryer that is capable of providing ambient or gently warmed air to dry boots as well as gloves. This dryer can dry up to eight pairs of gloves and eight pairs of boots at a time. It is also available in a white or black powder coated finish. You can read more here!

For Commercial Businesses:


Commercial businesses and industrial facilities often require dryers that can dry substantial quantities of boots. To address this, we offer much larger boot dryers like the W24. This wall-mounted model is capable of efficiently drying 24 pairs of boots at a time – that’s 48 boots at once! For more information, visit the W24 product page

W12/12, W16/16, W20/20

Like many of our residential models, at Williams Direct Dryers, we also offer multiple commercial models of dryers that not only dry boots but gloves as well. These include our W12/12, W16/16, and W20/20. They can dry 12 pairs of boots and 12 pairs of gloves, 16 pairs of boots and 16 pairs of gloves, or 20 pairs of boots and 20 pairs of gloves respectively. 

The P24, P48, P60

While many of our commercial boot dryers are wall-mounted, we also offer some portable dryers. Our portable models include the P24, P48, and P60. These commercial dryers come with wheels, allowing them to be moved around where needed. They can also service large quantities of boots at a time – anywhere from 24 pairs to 60 pairs (depending on the model).   

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At Williams Direct Dryers, we are proud to say that our boot dryers rank among the best for 2022! We have spent years dedicated to providing residences, commercial businesses, and industrial facilities with durable, quality direct dryers, and we look forward to continuing that work in the future. For more information or to receive a free estimate on a boot dryer, contact us today!

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