Find Your Boot Dryer Personality

Our home boot dryers are not for people who sit around. Our clients get up and go! They wake up early, breathe in the crisp morning air, and make things happen. You know these people: they’re ordinary, everyday heroes just like you. You don’t settle for less than the best during the day, so why would you accept damp clothes that set back your busy schedule?

Just like each of your adventures is different in its own way, your home boot dryer should also be unique. We customize each boot dryer recommendation to fit not only your home, but also the activities you enjoy. We want to help you pick the best boot dryer for your home and habits. Let us know: what’s your boot dryer personality?

The Student

Students who endure rigorous physical education classes, college athletes, and track champions will appreciate our Model A1... This 7-inch wall-mounted boot dryer features a 3-pronged cord, is inexpensive to operate, and fits perfectly inside a locker. You will never have to slog through practice in sweaty gym shoes again because our locker boot dryer will keep your athletic shoes clean, dry and free of unpleasant odors. Students (and parents) rejoice!

The Snow Bunny

Want to dry your ski boots, gloves and hat all at once? Our Model W6/6 wall-mounted combination 6-pair boot and glove dryer is the unit for you. This is the perfect multipurpose ski boot dryer that is also capable of drying gloves. Our patented air drying system even reaches fingertips of your gloves for maximum comfort. Skiing with the whole family? Upgrade to the Model W8/8, which can fit eight pairs of boots and eight pairs of gloves to get the whole family back on the slopes faster!

The Gym Goer

You might have to share weight machines at the gym, but you’ll love your locker dryer so much you’ll want to keep it all to yourself! Our Model A1 Floor Mount 1-Pair Locker Boot Dryer doesn’t is ideal for locker storage, but you may also want to consider the wall-mounted Model G9P glove dryer for weight room and rock wall gloves. Our dryers don’t just keep your shoes and gloves odor free; they also eliminate harmful bacteria and help combat nasty fungus that contribute to athlete’s foot. Choose from ambient air or warmed air for clean, dry workout gear every time.

The Outdoorsman

You’re outside more than the average Joe. Whether you’re trekking through the forest, fly fishing in the northern rivers, or scaling mountains that tower above the clouds, you need to know your gear is clean, dry and ready for action. Invest in a versatile air dryer like the Model W6/6 combination boot and glove dryer or get our classic wall-mounted Model A4, which features a tough minimalist design that will be functional without taking up too much space in your home. With the Model A4’s space-efficient design, you’ll still have room to store fishing poles, tents, carabiners, and everything else you need for the perfect outdoor adventure!

The Pack Animal

It’s no fun to have amazing outdoor adventures alone. You’re the kind of person who brings your crew along for the ride. There’s one boot dryer we know everyone will love no matter what’s on the agenda: our wall-mounted Model W12. This boot dryer can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes or boots at a time. Come home from a day of excitement, hang your shoes on the rack, and forget about them. By the time you and your friends have finished rehashing the amazing adventures you’ve just had, everyone’s shoes will be dry and ready to go.

Embrace a new dawn with boot dryers that serve as functional décor for your home. These don’t just look great in your laundry or mud room – they help active wear gear stay cleaner and last longer no matter what kind of activity you prefer. Best of all: your home boot dryer lets you get up and go with less down time so you can go on more adventures faster.

All Williams Direct Dryers products are made proudly in North America and come with a five year warranty. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has certified all of our products for quality and safety so you can be confident that your home boot dryer is everything you had hoped for.

Don’t let wet gear hold you back! Athletes, skiers, bikers, hikers, and everyone in between can benefit from a home boot or glove dryer. Contact us today and get more information from our team of helpful representatives. Williams Direct Dryers: because life is better on the go!

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