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Williams Direct Dryers is a reputable provider of hockey boot dryers. To enjoy the game of hockey, both your physique and equipment, including your boots, must be in tip-top shape. From slap shots to the fast pace of the game, your hockey skates receive a ton of action. Therefore, it’s essential to keep them in as good of condition as possible. At Williams Direct Dryers, we help with that via our specialty dryers designed for hockey boots.

Since 1989, Williams Direct Dryers has specialized in the business of creating specialty dryers for different industries. We make dryers for the US military, NASA, resorts, professional sports teams, and more. 

Our dryers work with the simple flip of a switch. You choose between warm air or ambient air to dry your items. Since our dryers don’t tumble dry, they are quiet and better for decreasing wear-and-tear. For decades, our dryers earned critical acclaim from commercial and residential customers. 

Now that you know more about us, let’s learn why a hockey boot dryer is so valuable.

Benefits of a Hockey Boot Dryer From Williams Direct Dryers

Prevents Rust From Damaging Skates

Moisture is your worst enemy for keeping your hockey boots in top condition. Water residue leftover on skates after playing hockey quickly leads to rust. Once steel turns to rust, it will never be as strong or as sharp as it once was. Also, screws that mount the blades to the hockey boots become rusted, which creates a dangerous situation where screws loosen and lead to skating injury.

Keeps Odors at Bay

While sweating during a game of hockey is guaranteed, the associated odor doesn’t have to be. 

Our specialty hockey boot dryers eliminate 99.95% of bacteria, keeping odor-producing bacteria from producing and creating foul smells. 

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Prevents Skin Ailments & Infections

Unclean and damp hockey gear can lead to one player getting an infection and an entire team contracting contagious skin infections. From bacterial infections such as staph infections to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, damp and unclean boots lead to all types of skin infections.

Additionally, damp hockey boots cause blisters, which are painful and negatively impact the ability to play the game. Dry boots not only keep skin healthier but also make playing the game more comfortable as well.

Extends the Lifespan of Hockey Boots

Moisture from sweat and ice accumulated on hockey boots takes its toll over time. From rusted screws and boot material becoming worn down from mold and mildew growth, damp boots have their shelf life shortened substantially. Our hockey boot dryers don’t tumble dry and instead use your choice of warm or ambient air, so it better preserves hockey boot material.

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Dries Boots Quickly

Unlike air drying, which takes a lot of time, our boot dryers fully dry hockey boots in about two hours. This reduces negative impacts from moisture, and players use the hockey boots quickly with less downtime. 

Operates Quietly

Unlike tumble dryers or other types of dryers that are loud and a constant distraction, our hockey boot dryers are quiet. Our dryers use your choice of warm or ambient air to dry the boots, so they stay quiet. You hardly notice it is there!

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Energy Efficient

Our hockey ice skate dryers have an energy management system built-in. Our dryers also shut off automatically, meaning they won’t waste energy if someone forgets to turn it off. 

Helps Prevent Injuries

Dampness from sweat and ice on hockey boots damages their material over time and makes it less structurally intact. This leads to injuries due to worn-down boot material where blade mounting screws attach. Having a blade become wobbly or fall off while skating on the ice is the last thing you want!

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If having a hockey boot dryer that dries boots quietly, quickly, eliminates 99.95% of bacteria, reduces odors, and prevents skin infections sounds helpful to you, we can help you. Reach out to us here for a free consultation, and we will get back to you. Our skilled and professional team looks forward to finding the perfect dryer to suit your needs.

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