Ice Skating Boot Dryers

Williams Direct Dryers is a leading provider of professional ice skating boot dryers. Ice skating is one of the most popular winter sports for a number of reasons, including exercise, improving coordination and balance, enhancing self-confidence, and building strength and resilience.

However, there is no denying ice skating also comes with a high degree of stress, especially if the ice skating boots you wear are not in top shape. Since they are constantly subjected to jumping, spinning, rotating, and gliding across the ice, they quickly succumb to wear and tear. Combine this with moisture damage, and it is easy to go through a pair of ice skating boots fast, which is expensive to replace. 

Here at Williams Direct Dryers, we make specialty ice skating boot dryers to completely dry ice skating boots quickly and effectively. Since 1989, we’ve created residential and commercial dryers for many clients, including fire departments, professional sports teams, NASA, and the US military. To learn more about the many benefits our dryers provide ice skaters, continue reading to see why so many people rely on us for their dryer needs.

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Benefits of Ice Skating Boot Dryers

Prevent Rust

Moisture that isn’t adequately removed when ice skating can quickly lead to rust. This impacts the skating boot itself and the screws that mount it to the boot. So not only is rust a performance issue, but also a major safety hazard. With our ice skating shoe dryers, you choose between warm or ambient air to dry your boots in about 2 hours.

Prevent Odor

After ice skating, it is almost inevitable that moisture from sweat accumulates in your boots. If left untouched, this moisture leads to bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. In addition to this obvious health hazard, this also causes unpleasant odors. Our dryers eliminate 99.95% of bacteria and prevent fungus from growing, which is terrific for odor prevention.

Prevent Skin Conditions

Moisture from ice skating that isn’t addressed leads to a range of skin conditions — from blisters to staph infections to athlete’s foot; these are things you want to avoid. Blisters, in particular, are painful and impact your ability to ice skate. Our ice skating boot dryers destroy bacteria and prevent fungus from growing, which keeps your feet healthy.

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Lengthen The Lifespan Of Your Boots

Moisture in ice skating boots causes leather to wear down and metal to rust, which quickly degrades the overall condition of the boot. With the warm or ambient air from our dryers entirely removing moisture from your boots, you won’t be concerned about moisture damage breaking down boot material. 

Improve Safety

The last thing you want when ice skating is moisture damage-causing rusted skates and loose blade screws. You don’t want your blade becoming dislodged while skating! Our dryers are highly effective in stopping moisture from causing damage to boots and compromising safety.

Contact Us Today To Learn More About Our Ice Skating Boot Dryers

Here at Williams Direct Dryers, we are not only excellent at creating industry-specific dryers but also passionate about the process as well. As a result, our dryers are built to be energy efficient, quick, and quiet while they work. 

We also have portable dryer options so you can take them with you wherever you go. Also, since our dryers use ambient or warm air to dry, rather than harsh tumble drying, they extend the shelf life of ice skating gear. 

To find out what dryer is the best for you, you can reach out to us here. One of our helpful staff will get back to you and answer all of your questions. Our skilled and professional team looks forward to working with you.

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