Military Boot Dryers & Combat Boot Dryers

Military boot dryers and combat boot dryers are an integral part of combat and training, removing moisture from boots help to keep hard-working troops feet in better condition. Since military personnel spend large amounts of time walking, running, and climbing in rugged terrain, their combat boots must be dry and comfortable. When combat boots aren’t adequately dried off, bacteria and fungi develop, resulting in blisters, odor build-up, boot material deteriorating, and more. That is why Williams Direct Dryer offers the best military boot dryers in the industry. With military boot dryers, all of these issues can be prevented before impacting one’s ability to do their job.


Williams Direct Dryers is a leader in the manufacture and sale of commercial and residential dryers. For the last three decades, we have created standalone and wall-mounted dryers for first responders, emergency personnel, law enforcement officials, and the military. Check out our product gallery.

How Military Boot Dryers Are Useful

They Help Prevent Foot Problems From Occurring

It’s undeniable that combat boots get wet from sweat and rain. The moisture build-up inside footwear results in painful blisters, and if left unattended, they can become infected. Additionally, wet boots can lead to mold and mildew build-up, which can cause serious ailments such as Trench Foot and Athlete’s Foot. The solution is a military boot dryer. 

Not only do our dryers work to eradicate moisture effectively, but they also kill upwards of 99.95% of germs. This means foot problems associated with moisture and sweat are prevented long before they begin. 

Preventing moisture related blisters can have far reaching benefits, as painful blisters can affect the way a person walks. Further if military members end up adjusting their gait to accommodate painful moisture related blisters they can end up walking in a way that places more stress on certain parts of the foot, it quickly leads to foot injuries such as strains, sprains, stress fractures, and more. This is why our fast drying combat boot and military boot dryers are key in getting the troops a thorough and quick dry between operations, drills, training and combat scenarios.

They Help Soldiers Operate More Effectively

Soldiers perform their work in many different terrains, climates, and weather conditions. When wearing boots in wet conditions, such as in melting snow, heavy rain, or high humidity, it is a certainty that they will get wet. Not only can moisture find its way into the boot itself, but sweat also becomes trapped and further elevates moisture levels; walking in boots with high moisture levels is uncomfortable and unpleasant.

In the military, time is always of the essence. That is why combat boots need to be dried quickly before the next mission. The technology used in our combat boot dryers allows military boots to dry in only a few hours. Soldiers get back to what they do best in a short time. It isn’t enough to rely on the boots being labeled “waterproof,” as such claims are commonly exaggerated. When military boots are exposed to pounding rain and high humidity, they get wet. Our combat boot dryers lessen downtime, boots are dried off and then comfortably worn again.

About Williams Direct Dryers

Here at Williams Direct Dryers, we’ve been around since 1989 and make specialty dryers for all types of uses. Our current client list includes NASA, the US military, resorts, fire departments, professional sports teams, and more. 

Our dryers work quietly and dry fast with your choice of warm or ambient air. Since our dryers do not tumble dry, it lessens wear and tear on items such as combat boots. Also, our dryers come in portable models so that they can be brought with you anywhere. Finally, our dryers eliminate upwards of 99.95% of pathogens, which helps prevent health issues related to fungus and bacteria.

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