Our Ski Pros’ Tips to Make Ski Boots Last Longer

Skier cliping their ski boot into the ski

The right ski boots can set you up for a holiday to remember – or a weekend stuck at the lodge with freezing feet. The team at Williams Direct Dryers has dedicated ourselves to innovating the best ways to maintain your ski gear using some of the best-quality equipment on the market today. We know that your ski boots are an investment – not just in your ensemble, but in your favorite hobby. That’s why we have compiled our best advice to help your ski boots last longer, so you can enjoy more time out on the slopes.


Use Your Ski Boots for Skiing

The first rule to help your ski boots last longer seems simple: use your ski boots for skiing – and skiing only. This is because the soles of your ski boots are specially designed to be compatible with ski bindings. Walking on pavement, gravel and other surfaces will quickly wear out the toes and heels of your ski boots, which compromises the safety of your boots. If your soles are detachable, remove them and place them securely into a plastic bag while you walk to your destination. This will help maintain them so you can ski comfortably all winter.


Use Cat Tracks

Cat Tracks are an easy way to help extend the life of your ski boots. They fit onto most ski boots and give you instant traction on pavement and gravel to help prevent excess wear. This protects your ski boots and maintains binding compatibility so you can use your equipment much longer.


Invest in Ski Socks

Standard cotton socks will not cut it on the ski slopes. Cotton retains sweat, which makes your feet feel soggy and cold while you are outdoors. Instead, choose specially-designed ski socks made from wool, silk or synthetic material. There are a variety of thicknesses and weights you can choose from to achieve the most comfortable fit. Try to purchase several pairs once you find some you like – and bring them along when you go to pick out your new ski boots. It’s important to know how your boots will fit with socks on.


Post-Use Care

Get into the habit of towel-drying your boots quickly before placing them in your boot bag. Never use detergents or harsh solvents, which might harm the plastic of your ski boot.


Boot Dryers

If you are a regular skier, it will be worth investing in a wall-mounted or portable boot dryer for your home or commercial facility. Our electric ski boot dryers dry boots, gloves and other gear without the use of direct heat to help protect any custom molding you may have had done. Never use a hair dryer, radiator, or other heat source to dry your ski gear, as they can damage heat-sensitive equipment and make it necessary to purchase new gear faster. Our dryers are also proven to eliminate 99.95 percent of all bacteria and microbes that might otherwise be lurking in your gear. Keeping your boots dry between use helps eliminate that locker room smell from forming inside your boots. That means your boots stay cleaner longer, too!


Storage Smarts

Find a cool, dry place to store your boots when they are not in use for extended periods of time. We recommend that skiers avoid storing boots in attics, garages, sheds, and other locations where nesting mice or rodents might find them. This will help keep them safe during the off season so you can unpack clean, dry, ready-to-wear boots when the snow returns.


Regular Inspections

Inspect your boots regularly to look for signs of wear and tear. Check all the buckles to make sure they hold properly and make sure all rivets and screws are in place. If hardware is missing, order replacements for a quick repair. This will help prevent additional damage to your boot so you can continue skiing safely.


Replace the Liner

If your boots don’t feel right, it might not actually be the shell causing your problems. Look at the liner to see if it’s broken down or in need of repair. Movement in your boot – particularly in the heel – could be a sign that your liner is getting packed out. You can often replace a liner for ⅓ the price of the boot itself, saving you both money and hassle.


Don’t give up your favorite pair of boots sooner than you have to. Extend the life of your ski gear with regular care and a few products to help along the way. When in doubt, contact our team at Williams Direct Dryers to learn more about your options when it comes to caring for your ski gear.

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