Top 10 Industries in Need of Heavy-duty Boot & Glove Dryers

Top 10 Industries in Need of Heavy-Duty Boot & Glove Dryers

Over the years, Williams Direct Dryers has developed some of the most innovative boot and glove dryers on the market. We know that durability is a necessity – not a luxury. Many first responders and government agencies rely on our heavy-duty boot and glove dryers to not only protect gear, but also to keep employees healthy. Here are the top industries in need of gear dryers:


There is a cancer epidemic among firefighters right now and the culprit is one we all know well: carcinogens. Carcinogens are released by “dirty” fires created by burning hazardous materials, including lead paint and furniture sealed in waterproof or stain-repellent sprays. These are just a couple of the most common potentially toxic materials hiding in any normal utility closet or residential basement, so it’s unavoidable for firefighters to come into contact with hazardous materials. This makes it so much more important to clean gear properly after each and every job.  Our heavy-duty gear dryers make it easy to get dry turnout gear shortly after washing. This helps your equipment last longer and be ready for use again quickly.


For the same reasons firefighters have to clean their equipment frequently, the mining industry must also be mindful of their gear. Oil and gas give off toxic fumes that can come home with workers each night on the fabric of clothing. Regular washing and proper drying techniques can help keep uniforms, helmets and other gear clean and ready for the next day of work.


Weekend drills are tough, but completing a training course with soggy gear is tougher. Our heavy-duty dryers eliminate 99.95 percent of fungus and bacteria when used properly, which keeps you healthier and better prepared for whatever life throws your way. To meet the versatile needs of the military, we offer wetsuit and hazmat suit dryers in addition to our standard boot and glove dryers.


Our gear dryers have actually been tested in medical environments. Williams Direct Dryers was contacted by the Akron Children’s Hospital to participate in a study on flight helmets used to transfer patients by helicopter. This study was conducted over a 13-month period and proved that our dryers are effective in eliminating germs and bacteria when used per the manufacturer’s instructions. Eliminating microbes is a crucial part of patient health and can truly be the difference between life and death for immunocompromised patients.


Whether you are the coach of a high school team, a member of a professional league, or want to take your game to the next level, our gear dryers can help. Our boot and glove dryers eliminate bacteria and fungi commonly found in athletic gear, including:

  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Streptococcus Faecalis
  • MRSA
  • Tinea Pedis (Athlete's Foot)

With cleaner gear, you can enjoy better smelling locker rooms and better performance – whether you’re training for a competition or simply want to beat your personal record.

Snow Sports

It’s common for skiers and snowboarders to come back to the chalet at the end of the day sopping wet. For many people, wet gear means waiting it out at the lodge while their equipment dries. Even then, you might be stuck with equipment that is still damp – making the second half of your day significantly less pleasant. Williams Direct Dryers manufactures gear dryers with fast drying times so your equipment can be ready in the time it takes to finish a cup of cocoa.

Water Sports

Whether you teach SCUBA lessons professionally or simply want to go jet skiing on a family holiday, our gear dryers can help. We carry specialized dryers for water sports that can accommodate everything from gloves and booties to wetsuits and SCUBA masks. Our drying techniques are non-abrasive and efficient, so your equipment will last longer and be ready for use again sooner.


For a five-diamond resort experience guests will love, many resorts have already turned to Williams Direct Dryers for equipment drying solutions. Our dryers are popular for chalets in snowy areas as well as tropical destinations where SCUBA diving is popular. Our team can help you choose a gear dryer suited for your resort’s needs so your guests can enjoy their vacations in complete comfort.

Food Service

With strict food safety and preparation regulations, it is important to make sure all food service employees maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our uniform dryers make it easy to get fresh, clean clothes after a long shift in the kitchen. We also have special, non-touch drying components for boots. Our gear dryers can be customized to accommodate any hygiene gate or sluice.


Homeowners love our boot and glove dryers, too! We carry smaller models that fit into any mudroom. This is helpful for regions that experience heavy rainfall or snowy weather. Many parents even use their home boot dryer as a shoe rack so children can find and reach their footwear easily.

Our heavy-duty boot and glove dryers are built to be tough, but are gentle enough to prolong the life of uniforms, equipment and other gear essential to daily life. This is a worthwhile investment many organizations across the country have already made, including both the Canadian and U.S. militaries, as well as NASA.

Are you ready to join the Williams Direct Dryers family? Contact us today to find a dryer that is best suited for you.

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