Top 5 COLDEST Winter Hobbies: Did Yours Make the List?

Scenic shot of skier on Canadian mountainside

Winter sports are near and dear to Canadians’ hearts. As a Vancouver-based company, we know the importance of making sure your winter gear is always ready to go, even after a serious outdoor adventure! If you spot your hobby on this list, you might want to invest in a boot dryer! From gloves to ski boots, our dryers can handle it all and make sure your gear is ready to go before the start of your next winter adventure.

5) Tobogganing If you’re someone who enjoys grabbing your favorite people, your snow gear and a toboggan, congrats! Your hobby is in the top five coldest activities you can do in the winter. After you go zipping down the sledding track and the excitement ends, it’s time for the long trudge back to the top to do it all over again. This usually means that you’ll be trekking home in wet, freezing gear. There’s a reason this fun winter activity made the list!

  4) Skiing Even if you’re someone who only hits the slopes once every few years, you’ve probably experienced just how freezing it can be! Although fun-filled and action-packed, skiing is easily one of the coldest winter hobbies there is. After hours of riding in lifts and zipping down snow covered hills, you’re guaranteed to be chilled to the bone. 

3) Ice Fishing For those who dare to venture onto the frozen lake to ice fish, you probably aren’t surprised that your hobby is one of the coldest winter activities out there. After hours exposed to the weather patiently waiting for the fish to bite, there’s only so much you can do to stay warm! Combine that with the wet ice and lake water that’s nearly impossible to avoid: it’s obvious why ice fishing is ranked number three on our list.

 2) Pond Hockey Beloved by countless sports enthusiasts, hockey has a special place in millions of hearts. After slipping and sliding across the ice and soaking your snow gear during a competitive game of hockey with friends, you only have a small window to get inside before things get cold fast. 

1) Polar Bear Run The coldest winter hobby out there is the annual Polar Bear Run. All over the globe, runners brave freezing temperatures and charge into the water wearing nothing but their swimsuits and shoes. The memories last a lifetime and the rush keep people coming back year after year. If you’ve ever participated in a Polar Bear Run, congratulations – you’ve survived the number one coldest winter activity!

If any of your hobbies were on this list, one thing is certain: our boot and glove dryers were made for you! Designed to get those hard-to-reach places, our dryers will always be waiting when you get home. They are built to last and are always ready to get wet gear dry for your next snowy adventure.

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