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Boot Dryers // Shoe & Ski Boot Dryer

Our boot dryers, shoe dryers and ski boot dryers are also effective boot warmers, glove dryers, and more. Fast, portable, and electric, our shoe dryers are also effective in drying snowboard boots, work boots and more. Williams Direct Dryers have been chosen for use by the military, by sports teams, and more. Let us help you get your gear dry!

Discover Williams fast, electric direct dryers that work not only as shoe dryers but also on:

Boot Dryers
  • Hazmat gear
  • Wet weather gear
  • Firefighter equipment
  • Turnout suits and wet suits
  • Masks, ski boots, ski gloves, and snowboard gear
  • Helmets
  • Hockey gear and hockey skates
  • Hip waders

Dry your work boots using forced warm air, and discover the finest ski boot dryers and boot warmers the market has to offer.

From snowboard boots to work boots and other apparel, our residential, commercial and specialty shoe dryers will have your clothing and gear dry in no time. At Williams, our electric dryers and boot warmers use warm air, and get the job done fast. Don't wait - call today to order one of our ski boot dryers.

Boot dryers from Williams Direct Dryers are portable and extremely effective. Our products make effective shoe dryers, glove dyers, boot warmers and ski boot dryers, and more. Discover the most durable shoe and boot dryer on the market that is both effective and gentle on your apparel.

"Just to let you know, the bootdryer arrived very promptly and my son put it together with no difficulties. We installed it on the wall in our mud room and it looks great and is working even better."

J.T. Westmount, QC