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Boot Dryers for Residential and Commercial Application

Residential Boot and Glove Dryers include: Boot Dryers, Glove Dryers, and combination Boot/Glove Dryers used in residences.

Specialty Dryers include ambient air dryers for lockers, mobile case dryers, and wader dryers.

Commercial Boot Dryers include all the larger boot and glove dryers used in industry, rentals, construction, etc.

PPE Dryers™ include: Turnout Gear Dryers, Hazmat Dryers, Boot/Glove Dryers & SCBA Mask Dryers for Fire Service.

Wall Street Article- Williams® Direct Dryers! "dry all types of items from ski boot dryers, glove dryers and gear, that do not lend themselves to being dried by tumble style dryers. Our technology is called Direct Drying!"

- Warmed air is distributed within the boot or glove providing an efficient, non abrasive & energy efficient approach to drying. Dry boots and gloves have many health and safety benefits.

- Dry boots and gloves are more pleasant to wear. Our business is drying boots and gloves.

Residential appliances to large scale commercial machines. These products use Direct Drying® technology to individually and thoroughly dry each and every boot, glove, coat or other apparel. Our calibrated air temperature, pressure and circulation patterns combined with quality assurance create an effective and dependable drying solution for the users. Every Williams® dryer is individually manufactured and tested, ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability to our customers or seasonally a Williams® Direct Dryer® is always ready to go. A clinical trial proved that Direct Drying® not only provides comprehensive drying but is instrumental in eliminating odor-causing bacteria. With over 30 different Direct Dryers®, we have a machine that will suit your needs.

Now serving Australia, including Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.