Perth Boot Dryer

Australian Boot Dryers, including Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Our Perth boot dryers will keep your wet weather gear dry, safe and comfortable.
Australian boot dryer

Our Perth boot dryers are the industry’s finest, keeping your wet weather equipment dry, contaminant-free and ready when you need it. Williams Direct is the first name in ski boot dryers offering industrial, residential, portable and wall mount configurations and the benefit of over two decades of experience. This includes the creation of the first dryer built for a ski boot rental operation. When you’re heading out into wet or inclement weather you need boots that are perfectly dry, clean and comfortable, and with our gear dryers that’s exactly what you’ll get. We offer over 50 models of dryers, so take a moment to look through our inventory to find the model that works for you.

We offer residents of Sydney boot dryers they can count on to keep their footwear in optimum condition and ready at a moment’s notice. Look to Williams Direct Dryers for:

Perth Boot Dryer
  • Ski boot dryers
  • Gloves dryers
  • Mining gear dryers
  • Wader dryers
  • Skate dryers
  • Turnout gear dryers
  • Bunker gear dryers
  • Face piece and mask dryers
  • PPE dryers
  • Commercial boot dryers
  • C-Tick approved
  • Australian Electrical Safety approvals on all dryers
  • Includes “Just Plug It In” portion
Perth Boot Dryer

Militaries, fire departments and other first responders in the United States and Canada count on us to keep their gear clean and safe, and now so can our Australian friends!

Our ski boot dryers will never leave your boots damp, because we know that contaminates caused by dampness can lead to disease and other issues. Our Melbourne boot dryers take drying to another level, and won’t damage boots or any other gear during the drying process as lesser dryers are prone to do. From private residences to mountain operations and everywhere in between the first name in boot and glove dryers is and always has been Williams Direct.

Our dryers allow users to select either warm or ambient air at the flick of a switch, and with so many models to choose from you’re certain to find one that suits your price range, available space, etc. Williams Direct Dryers is happy to be in Australia, and to serve the cities of:

  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perisher Valley
  • Thredbo
  • Cooma
  • Jindabyne
  • Manly
  • Narrabeen
  • Pitt Water Rd area
  • Darling Point
  • Kirribilli
Perth Boot Dryer
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