Wetsuit Dryers

The fastest, most effective way to dry a wetsuit yet!

Wetsuits are just another form of sports apparel. You wouldn’t wear the same gym clothes multiple days in a row without cleaning them properly, so why expect your wetsuit to function differently? Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice time doing what you love to get a clean, usable wetsuit. Williams Direct Dryers creates wetsuit dryers that help your gear dry evenly, without water pooling in the arms or legs. There is no need to squeeze excessive amounts of water from your suit or go through several drying sessions. Just flip the switch to either warmed or ambient air and let our wetsuit dryer do the work!

  • Clean, minimalist design
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Plug-in wall timer for automatic shut-off
  • Waterproof switching available
  • Industry-leading warranty

How to Clean and Dry Your Wetsuit

There are a few accepted methods to effectively clean your wetsuit. We recommend submerging your wetsuit in a bucket of water along with a high-quality wetsuit wash or gentle cleanser to remove dirt, bacteria, salt, and chlorine without damaging the neoprene. Rinse your wetsuit completely and place it on a wetsuit dryer for complete, even drying.

Wetsuits should never go into a commercial tumble dryer; these are far too hot and will damage the synthetic neoprene rubber.  Similarly, do not lay your wetsuit out to dry in the sun, as the UV rays can also damage the neoprene. Williams Direct Dryers adhere to NFPA-specified temperatures, which are safe to use on nearly all materials and will help extend the life of your apparel. We also offer the option to dry your wetsuit with ambient air, which adds no heat to the drying process.

Eliminate Bacteria and Fungus

Williams Direct Dryers are a convenient, easy way to dry your wetsuit, but did you know that they are also healthy to use? A study conducted in conjunction with the Akron Children’s Hospital indicates that Williams Direct Dryers eliminate an astounding 99.95 percent of illness-causing microbes when used according to manufacturer’s instructions. This is a great way to help eliminate odor from your wetsuit and reduce instances of fungal infections.

We make it easy to protect your apparel, whether you hit the surf once a season or once a day. Contact Williams Direct Dryers today to learn more about available wetsuit dryers for your space!

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