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  • Eco-Friendly Ways to Care for Your Clothes

    Reducing your environmental footprint is about more than just saving money – it’s about conserving earth’s resources so we can make it a beautiful...
  • Our Ski Pros’ Tips to Make Ski Boots Last Longer

    The right ski boots can set you up for a holiday to remember – or a weekend stuck at the lodge with freezing feet. The team at Williams Direct Dryers has dedicated ourselves to innovating the best ways to maintain your ski gear using some of the best-quality equipment on the market today. We know that your ski boots are an investment – not just in your ensemble, but in your favorite hobby. That’s why we have compiled our best advice to help your ski boots last longer, so you can enjoy more time out on the slopes.

  • When is it Time to Get New Ski Boots?

    Whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier with years of experience, you will eventually need to make two important decisions: 1) determine whether your existing boots are fit to wear for another season and 2) how to choose new ski boots if they’re not. Neither of these are easy tasks, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Williams Direct Dryers is dedicated to helping skiers stay safe on the slopes, which means maintaining your boots and choosing new ones that is why our experts developed this quick guide to help you navigate the ups and downs of making a new ski boot purchase.

  • Top 10 Industries in Need of Heavy-duty Boot & Glove Dryers

    Over the years, Williams Direct Dryers has developed some of the most innovative boot and glove dryers on the market. We know that durability is a necessity – not a luxury. Many first responders and government agencies rely on our heavy-duty boot and glove dryers to not only protect gear, but also to keep employees healthy. Here are the top industries in need of gear dryers.

  • 10 Reasons to Trust Williams Direct Dryers

    Williams Direct Dryers founded the boot and glove dryer industry with the establishment of our business back in 1989, so it’s no surprise that we continue to innovate nearly three decades later. We have embraced the needs of our consumers to develop heavy-duty boot and glove dryers that are now a standard in the industry. Whether you are an athlete, first responder, or simply love outdoor recreation, we have gear dryers you can count on for everyday use.

  • Find Your Boot Dryer Personality

    Our home boot dryers are not for people who sit around. Our clients get up and go! They wake up early, breathe in the crisp morning air, and make things happen. You know these people: they’re ordinary, everyday heroes just like you. You don’t settle for less than the best during the day, so why would you accept damp clothes that set back your busy schedule?

  • The Environmentally Friendly Benefits of Electric Hand Dryers

    Electric hand dryers are everywhere these days. From sports stadiums and convention centers to restaurants, bars, places of worship, car dealerships, schools, shopping malls, and office buildings, the always-reliable electric hand dryer has become a typical go-to product in public restrooms throughout the nation. This is chiefly due to an increasing awareness of the necessity of environmentally friendly products and equipment, as well as a concerted effort to move away from the wastefulness of paper towel products.

  • The Benefits of Commercial Electric Dryers in the Summer

    No matter where you are in the U.S., most people tend to enjoy the summer's longer daytime, cloudless skies and glorious sunshine much more than the chilly winter temperatures. Chances are, although it's wintertime now, you probably can't wait for the warmer weather to return next summer. You could be a parent who looks forward to spending time with your young children in the backyard or local park. You could be a teen who enjoys hanging out with friends. You could be a fan of hiking when the sun slowly sets or someone who loves playing lots of different sports in the fresh air. Regardless of what you do with your free time this summer, a hot climate combined with physical activity will, naturally, make you and your feet sweat.

  • The Benefits of Electric Dryers in the Winter

    As temperatures around the nation typically start to drop during the winter months, countless families will take advantage of the colder climate to enjoy time together in their newly snow-covered surroundings. Whether it's a day trip up into the mountains for skiing and/or snowboarding merriment, an impromptu hockey game or a snowball fight, there's nothing quite like wrapping up warm in your big coat, long scarf and comfy boots before the fun begins.

  • About Us

    We didn’t try to be unique, it was just  the way we were. And now, after over a 1/4 century of who we are, nothing has changed. We still see our c...
  • A Threat To Your Health: Mold & Mildew Can Masquerade as Smell in Sports Gear

    Williams Direct Dryers™ are built to help you keep dry and stay healthy. We understand that health is a big concern amongst players because good health keeps you in the game and off the bench. Our SportsDryer™ line provides simultaneous drying for gloves, all types of footwear and even, hockey skates. It's important to keep dry, especially those poorly ventilated spaces and hard-to-reach areas such as the inside of a glove, and the toe box area of your footwear or skates. We can dry just about anything in any sport, including helmets. Our DirectDrying™ technology enables you to dry consistently and confidently. It’ll help prevent the beginning stages of mold and mildew growth. In fact, you’ll gain benefits with the use of our drying systems such as; odor-free gear, a significant reduction of disease causing bacteria in your equipment, and maintain excellent heath! For further information on an independent drying case study by Akron Children’s Hospital, please see here:

  • The Hidden Dangers That Lurk Beneath Mascot Costumes

    Mascots play an important role in the world of entertainment and sports. They are powerful branding icons which help people remember a company's ethos. Many of us have an emotional connection with these characters; they may remind us of our youth, or we may associate them with our favorite storybook character or sports team. Underneath all the acrobatics and waving therein lies a human. We tend to forget that, as we get lost and lured into a fun fantasy masked of a job well down, by the person hidden below the getup

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